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The Content Marketing Awards are judged by an all-star panel of top influencers, brand leaders, and experts in content and marketing. Meet some of our 2023 judges below and click their photo to learn more about them.

Matt Allison Bio Pic

Matt Allison

Ashley Baker Bio Pic

Ashley Baker

Gina Balarin Bio Pic

Gina Balarin

Jeremy Bednarski Bio Pic

Jeremy Bednarski

Matthias Bill Bio Pic

Matthias Bill

Peter Cannizzaro Bio Pic

Peter Cannizzaro

Ruth Carter Bio Pic

Ruth Carter

Jacquie Chakirelis Bio Pic

Jacquie Chakirelis

Meg Coffey Bio Pic

Meg Coffey

Karla Courtney Bio Pic

Karla Courtney

Melanie Deziel Bio Pic

Melanie Deziel

Lisa Dougherty Bio Pic

Lisa Dougherty

Amy Fair Bio Pic

Amy Fair

Lauren Frisky Bio Pic

Lauren Frisky

Amanda Gant Bio Pic

Amanda Gant

Khalil Garriott Bio Pic

Khalil Garriott

Harald Gasper Bio Pic

Harald Gasper

Penny Gralewski Bio Pic

Penny Gralewski

Pete Grasso Bio Pic

Pete Grasso

Katie Hammel Bio Pic

Katie Hammel

Tim Hanse Bio Pic

Tim Hanse

Jodi Harris Bio Pic

Jodi Harris

Erika Heald Bio Pic

Erika Heald

Kristin Hege Bio Pic

Kristin Hege

Karen Hesse Bio Pic

Karen Hesse

Amy Higgins Bio Pic

Amy Higgins

Carmen Hill Sorenson Bio Pic

Carmen Hill Sorenson

Cor Hospes Bio Pic

Cor Hospes

Zontee Hou Bio Pic

Zontee Hou

Meredyth Jensen Bio Pic

Meredyth Jensen

Holly Jones Bio Pic

Holly Jones

Joseph Kalinowski Bio Pic

Joseph Kalinowski

Praveen Kumar Krishnamurthy Bio Pic

Praveen Kumar Krishnamurthy

Ellen Lichtenstein Bio Pic

Ellen Lichtenstein

Martin Lieberman Bio Pic

Martin Lieberman

Jacqueline Loch Bio Pic

Jacqueline Loch

Jenny Magic Bio Pic

Jenny Magic

Tim Marshall Bio Pic

Tim Marshall

Kerry McCarthy Bio Pic

Kerry McCarthy

Cathy McPhillips Bio Pic

Cathy McPhillips

Josh Miles Bio Pic

Josh Miles

Kim Moutsos Bio Pic

Kim Moutsos

Heather Murphy Bio Pic

Heather Murphy

Lisa Murton Beets Bio Pic

Lisa Murton Beets

Katie Philo Bio Pic

Katie Philo

Brian Piper Bio Pic

Brian Piper

Claudia Plumley Bio Pic

Claudia Plumley

Cassio Politi Bio Pic

Cassio Politi

Andi Robinson Bio Pic

Andi Robinson

Robert Rose Bio Pic

Robert Rose

Buddy Scalera Bio Pic

Buddy Scalera

Michiel Schoonhoven Bio Pic

Michiel Schoonhoven

Eli Schwartz Bio Pic

Eli Schwartz

Nenad Senic Bio Pic

Nenad Senic

Dennis Shiao Bio Pic

Dennis Shiao

Emily Silber Bio Pic

Emily Silber

Stephanie Stahl Bio Pic

Stephanie Stahl

Frank Strong Bio Pic

Frank Strong

James Tennant Bio Pic

James Tennant

Christoph Trappe Bio Pic

Christoph Trappe

Bert van Loon Bio Pic

Bert van Loon

Angela Vannucci Bio Pic

Angela Vannucci